Dr. Timberlake is an approved Medicare provider for psychological health services. If you plan to use Medicare, please note that any co-payment or coinsurance associated with your plan is collected at time of service.

Provider name: JOHN TIMBERLAKE

Medicare ID: CA158980

NPI ID: 1881075281

Dr. John Timberlake received his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the APA-accredited American School of Professional Psychology. He is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY27332), a supervising psychologist for doctoral trainees at Saddleback College Health Center, and provides private therapy and assessment services in Los Alamitos, CA.

In addition to his experience conducting psychotherapy, Dr. Timberlake has a strong clinical background in testing and assessment. He has particular expertise in psychological evaluation and diagnostic clarification. Additionally, his training in psychopharmacology allows him to collaborate effectively with physicians and families to provide comprehensive support when needed.

Dr. Timberlake is experienced in treating adults and seniors with a variety of clinical diagnoses, and those experiencing difficulties with major life changes.

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