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Dr. John Timberlake –
Your Mental Health Partner

Our Story

Dr. John Timberlake is a trusted psychologist with a decade of experience in private practice, offering compassionate therapy services.

Our Services

Individual Counseling

Personalized counseling for individual growth and self-discovery.

Couples Therapy

Relationship counseling to enhance communication and connection.

Anxiety Management

Specialized techniques to help manage and overcome anxiety.

Take Control of Your Mental Health Journey

Schedule a session today to start feeling better tomorrow.

Why Choose Us

Expert Care

Receive specialized therapy tailored to your unique needs from Dr. John Timberlake.

Compassionate Support

Find understanding and empathy throughout your mental health journey with us.

Flexible Options

Access in-office and telehealth sessions across California for convenient care.

Start Your Journey to Better Mental Health

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and begin improving your mental well-being.

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